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Manage your Discord server with ease.

DiscordJS v13

All DiscordJS v13 features such as Buttons and Lists are already built in!

Blazing Fast!

No unnecessary packages or dependencies! Doesn't get any more lightweight.

Easy to Customize

Every message is customizable. Change them all you want!


ARM, Linux, MacOS, Windows... Inside Docker or on Pterodactyl. We support all of them!

Extensible and un-opinionated

No hard-coded commands and features! Everything is added through Addons.

Easy Installation

Installation too complicated? No worries, try the installation script!


ARM, Linux, macOS, Windows, you name it!

The cross-platform source code for Linux, Mac and Windows. ARM devices like Raspberry Pi are supported too!

Supported Platforms

What is BrayanBot?

BrayanBot is a modern Discord bot written with latest DiscordJS features in mind that provide an easy-to-use ecosystem for developers and a robust bot base for Server Owners.

Why choose BrayanBot?

BrayanBot is open source, self-hosted and easily customizable; unlike most public bots you can add to your server. We offer a robust addon handler for first and third party developers to easily create their own addons to extend BrayanBot's functionality.

Is BrayanBot Fast?

Yes, BrayanBot provides only the essential NPM packages out of the box, being as lightweight as possible. Should you need extra packages for downloaded addons, we also provide a built-in module installer!

How May I Extend BrayanBot' functionality?

You may create your own addons or install more addons to add more commands and features to BrayanBot. We offer a guide to developing your own addons, additionally and you may get in touch with our verified Community Developers to commission special addons for private use.

How may I Contribute to BrayanBot?

We welcome all kinds of contributions from all kinds of people. If you are interested in helping build the future of BrayanBot, or just looking to support or continued efforts; you may support us in any way that you feel confident in. Graphics, code, documentation, translations, donations and other contributions are all welcome!

Is BrayanBot Secure?

BrayanBot is safe to use, secure, open-source and actively maintained. All public addons by our verified Community Developers are verified before they are released for public use. We also audit our code to avoid dependency-caused vulnerabilities.