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Version: 2.x


As mentioned plenty of times before, BrayanBot aims to be incredibly flexible when it comes to customizability.

Customizing the Core

You are able to customize the basic, core features of BrayanBot like your Bot Token, Guild ID or the default Database Name1 through your config.yml which you will find within the main directory of your bot.

Customizing Embeds

config.yml also includes an Embeds section in which you may customize the color and the branding that will show up on those embeds.

Branding: "Brayan Bot"
Color: "2f3136"

However, embed customization is done primarily in lang.yml where you can customize all embeds that are built into BrayanBot

For embeds added by Addons, you will need to customize said Addon's own config or language file.

See First Party Addons, Third Party Addons and Creating your Own Addons