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Version: 2.x

Hosting on Linux


This page assumes that you have already completed the Pre-Installation Steps If you haven not yet completed the pre-installation steps, please go back and complete them because the bot cannot function without them.


The following guide only covers instructions for CLI installation. For GUI installation, please read the relevant Blog Post


We provide for three Linux distributions: Debian, ArchLinux and Fedora. If you are using a different distribution that is not a spin of those main three; feel free to request instructions or/and support for those on our Discord Server

The instructions found below make use of several packages to make the CLI installation as convenient as possible. You may substitute packages that offer similar functionality, or alternatively use a GUI installation method like SFTP.

1. Install Depdenencies

sudo apt install zip unzip wget jq curl gawk 

Ubuntu 20.04 does not include the latest version of nodejs. You can install it using one of the following commands:

# Using Ubuntu
curl -fsSL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
# Using Debian, as root
curl -fsSL | bash -
apt-get install -y nodejs

2. Download BrayanBot

The universal bash script below can be used the download the latest version of BrayanBot from Github Releases. It requires wget, curl, jq , and gawk to be installed. Those packages are usually installed by default on most Linux distributions.

LATEST=$(curl -s | jq .name -r | awk '{ print $2 }')

wget "$URL"

3. Unzip BrayanBot

After downloading the zip file, we need to unzip it and move into the BrayanBot directory.

unzip BrayanBot-*.zip -d ./BrayanBot && cd BrayanBot

4. Copy the example config to the main config.yml

BrayanBot needs config.yml to be in the BrayanBot directory. We will copy example.config.yml to the main config.yml file and insert our Bot's token.

cp example.config.yml config.yml && nano config.yml

Enter your bot token in the config.yml file, save, and exit nano with Ctrl+X

5. Install node modules & Start BrayanBot

npm install && npm run start --skip-dependencies

And that's it, you have successfully installed and started BrayanBot!

Power Controls

If you would like to keep the bot running after you log out of your terminal/machine; you may use PM2. It will also allow you to have BrayanBot persist between reboots, if you configure it that way.

Using PM2 Process Manager

# Install PM2 through NPM
sudo npm install -g pm2
# Start BrayanBot with PM2
pm2 start index.js --name brayanbot
  • pm2 stop brayanbot # Stops the pm2 process
  • pm2 restart brayanbot # Restart the process
  • pm2 logs brayanbot # View recent logs as well as a live console
  • pm2 logs brayanbot --lines 1000 | nc 9999 # Export the bot's past logs and paste them to termbin.

Getting Help

💡 Ran into a problem?

Join our support server and open a ticket.