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Version: 2.x

Hosting on Windows


This page assumes that you have already completed the Pre-Installation Steps If you haven not yet completed the pre-installation steps, please go back and complete them because the bot cannot function without them.


Clone the source code and move into the bot's directory.

1. Install Dependencies

As Windows does not come with a great package manager like most Linux distros or brew on MacOS, you will need to manually install some dependencies.

2. Download BrayanBot from one of our official sources

Download BrayanBot from Github Releases or Coremart

3. Extract the zip you have downloaded

If you are using WinRar or 7zip, you should have an option to extract the zip when you right click on the file.

4. Move into the BrayanBot Directory

Powershell is Windows' own command line interface. It is a very powerful tool that allows you to run commands in a terminal.

# Move to BrayanBot directory
cd '/path/to/BrayanBot'

4. Copy the example config to the main config.yml

BrayanBot needs config.yml to be in the BrayanBot directory. We will copy example.config.yml to the main config.yml file and insert our Bot's token.

# Copy example.config.yml to config.yml
copy example.config.yml config.yml

# or if you would like to simply rename the file
move example.config.yml config.yml

You can also do this on VSCode by right clicking the file and copying it. Or you can rename the file before you insert the token.

5. Install node modules & Start BrayanBot

npm install && npm run start --skip-dependencies

And that's it, you have successfully installed and started BrayanBot!

Power Controls

If you would like to keep the bot running after you log out of your terminal/machine; you may use PM2. It will also allow you to have BrayanBot persist between reboots, if you configure it that way.

Using PM2 Process Manager

# Install PM2 through NPM
npm install -g pm2
# Start BrayanBot with PM2
pm2 start index.js --name brayanbot
  • pm2 stop brayanbot # Stops the pm2 process
  • pm2 restart brayanbot # Restart the process
  • pm2 logs brayanbot # View recent logs as well as a live console
  • pm2 logs brayanbot --lines 1000 | nc 9999 # Export the bot's past logs and paste them to termbin.

Getting Help

💡 Ran into a problem?

Join our support server and open a ticket.