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Version: 2.x

Pre Installation

Setting up a Bot application

Creating your bot Account

  1. Open the Discord Developer Portal.
  2. Click on the New Application button.
  3. Enter a name for your application.
  4. Click the Create button. You can edit your application's name, description and avatar on the same page.
  5. Save the changes if you have made any.
  6. Move to the Bot tab on the left panel.
  7. Click on Add Bot button on the right side then confirm by clicking Yes, do it!

In this page, you can change your bot's avatar & username.

Adding the Bot to your Server

To create an invite link, head back to the My Apps page under the Applications section, click on your bot application, and open the OAuth2 page from the left panel.

  1. At the bottom of the page, you'll find Discord's OAuth2 URL generator. Select the bot and applications.commands selections. Once you select the bot option, a list of permissions will appear, then select Administrator (Recommended).
  2. Grab the link via the Copy button and enter it in your browser's URL.
  3. Choose the server you want to add it to and click "Authorize". Do note that you'll need the "Manage Server" permission on a server to add your bot there. This should then present you with a nice confirmation message. Confirm, and enjoy your new bot.

Do not forget about applications.commands scope. You will receive errors about missing permissions if you ignore this step. Some functionality may be affected.