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Version: 2.x


Q: How can I download BrayanBot?

A: BrayanBot could be obtained by either downloading from Github Releases or cloning the Github repository. Users who like to live on edge may download the dev branch that is more up to date, but is less stable in return.

Q: Which platforms does BrayanBot support?

A: You should -in theory- be able be able to run BrayanBot on any platform supporting latest NodeJS but we (currently) only provide instructions and support for the following:

  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Arch and their derivatives)
  • Windows - not recommended
  • MacOS
  • Selfhosted Pterodactyl
  • Hosting Provider (Discord Bot hosting)

Q: I would like to develop my own addons, how can I do that?

A: You will want to start by reading Creating your Own Addons page.

Q: Can I use Corebot addons on BrayanBot?

A: Short answer is "no." This is due to the fact that Corebot and BrayanBot use their own, separate utilities, addon handlers and event handlers. However, you may ask a community developer to recreate Corebot addons with BrayanBot compatibility.